Libro ebook Facts of speech and facts of evolution : an interpretation to the history of the English language, Jesús Gerardo Martínez Del Castillo
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"This text book is a linguistic interpretation of the evolution of the English language. It is an explanation of the facts of speech which have come out to be facts of language and facts of evolution thus giving the present state of the language. In this sense, the book is an account of the different states of the language that prompted the present state of the language, that we call English. The book pays special attention to two states of the language, the so-called Old English and the present state of the language or Modern English. The interpretation of the different facts constituting changes in the English language is based on the theory of language change by E. Coseriu. The book consists of three parts: the theory of language change, texts of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and an account of the evolution of the language from Old English to modern times. The three parts are linked with one another."
Part I: Language change: Introduction to the History of a Language. The English Language. The problem of language change in the history of linguistics. Language change: the problem, reasons and misconceptions. Language Change: the Problems Involved. The Universal Problem of Language Change. The general problem of language change or general conditions for language change. Language Change as a Historical Problem. The Meaning of Cause in Language Change. The Overcome of the Antinomy Synchrony-Diachrony. Part II: the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Part III: English as a Historical Object: Old English and the Related Germanic Languages. Old English in the British Isles. Influence on Old English: the Scandinavians. Early Middle English: the Norman Period. Late Middle English: the Age of Chaucer. Early Modern English. Modern English: the Appeal to Authority and the Standardization of English. English in the World Today. Basic Bibliography.
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