U. Valencia
Libro ebook Words for working, Rosa Giménez Moreno
Subtitle Professional and Academic English for International Business and Economics
Publisher: U. Valencia
Categories: Business & management
Language: Inglés
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: 11.35 (11.35)
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Publishing year: 2011
Size: 33.33 Mb
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ISBN: 9788437085869
The book Words for Working provides an updated review of concepts, skills, communication skills and resources for learning and effective use of English Academic Professional and environment Economics and International Business. The volume provides the knowledge of linguistic variation exists within the specialized language (cultural variation, geographical, textual, etc..), As well as their performance in key areas of professional communication in this area (Business English economic, financial, legal, etc..). Its content includes communication strategies and practical educational activities for both professional work to the study and research in English within these disciplines in the new European Higher Education Space.
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