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Libro ebook Under the influence, Andrea Arce
Author: Andrea Arce
Language: Inglés
Price in book ePub
: 4.28 (4.28)
ePub without DRM
Publishing year: 2013
Size: 0 Mb
Copy Yes
Printing Yes
ISBN: 9781463366872
Beverly is a teenager trying to fit in with her peers. Dj her new friend has the same problems. Dj is duplicious, her secret aim is to get Beverly into her lifestyle. Beverly with her need for friendship and acceptance is worldly naive. she fell heavily into Dj's way of life. An evening of drinking and dancing, they are in a fatal traffic accident. in hospital, Beverly becomes aware that her family situation has changed. Her therapist gains Beverly s trust and it flashbacks her life. follow me through Beverly s life and see what her future brings. Josephine M.R Graham writer
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