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Libro ebook The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Medical Specialty, Freeman Brian
Author: Freeman Brian
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The one book medical students must readbefore they choose their specialty

Here is the first medical-specialty selection guidewritten by a resident for students. Readers willfind an inside look at the issues surrounding medicalspecialty selection, blending firsthand knowledge withuseful facts and statistics. The author includes invaluableinsights from his personal experience, candidreports from current residents, and a wealth ofresearch.

This unique resource is divided into two sections, thefirst of which delves into the art of choosing the rightspecialty and covers personality assessment, considerationsfor women and couples who are matching,specialty overviews, and the ins and outs of the residencyapplication and match process. The secondsection comprises 19 chapters, each written by a residentin a particular specialty. These chapters include The Inside Scoop revealing specialty lifestyles,training requirements, and predominant personalitytypes.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Medical Specialty 2E

Part 1: Planning Your Medical Career

1. Choosing a Specialty: The Most Difficult Decision of Your Career

2. The Specialization of Medicine

3. Ten Factors to Consider in Specialty Selection

4. Personality Assessment: Are You My Type?

5. Finding the Perfect Specialty

6. Special Considerations for Women

7. Combined Residency Programs

8. Options for the Undecided Medical Student

9. Applying for Residency: An Overview of the Match Process

10. Love and Medicine: The Couples Match

11. Top Secret! The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Match

12. Your Medical Career Beyond Residency

Part 2: Specialty Profiles

13. Anesthesiology

14. Dermatology

15. Emergency Medicine

16. Family Medicine

17. General Surgery

18. Internal Medicine

19. Neurology

20. Neurosurgery

21. Obstetrics & Gynecology

22. Ophthalmology

23. Orthopedic Surgery

24. Otolaryngology

25. Pathology

26. Pediatrics

27. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

28. Plastic Surgery

29. Psychiatry

30. Radiation Oncology

31. Radiology

32. Urology

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