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Libro ebook The Essentials of Financial Analysis, Samuel Weaver
Author: Samuel Weaver
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It's easier than you think to understand the financial reports you face every day . . .

The Essentials of Financial Analysis delivers a practical, in-depth survey of the key elements of financial reporting, budgeting, and analysis to help business managers with little or no background in finance relate to the numbers they deal with every day, boost their performance, and better lead their staff.

From key terminology to dynamic strategies for increasing a company's value, The Essentials of Financial Analysis explains:

How to use a balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement to spotlight a company's weaker areas and improve its financial efficiencies
Implement strategic plans, operational budgets, and financial forecasts as competitive tools for direction setting, communication, and compensation
Make capital-investment decisions that contribute to a company's health.
Samuel C. Weaver, Ph.D, CMA, CFM, is the coauthor of three finance books, including Strategic Financial Management: Applications of Corporate Finance. He is a regular participant at the Financial Management Association's annual conference, an associate editor for three journals, and a regular reviewer for several other journals.

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