The 99 Series
99 things women wish they knew before…Starting Their Own Business
Erica Diamond
99 things women wish they knew before..Starting their own business helps women avoid mistakes when entering the entrepreneurial world.

99 things women wish they knew before...Servicing Their Own Car
Towanda Cooper
This book is to help women understand what car maintenance should cost instead of being scammed and being charged fees only because they don't know the difference.

99 things women wish they knew before...Dating over 40, 50 and YES 60!
Rosalind Sedecca Cct And Amy Sherman Lmhc
Women all over the world are starting over in the dating world at a mature age- this book will help guide them through their new journey.

99 things you wish you knew before...Landing your Dream Job
Philippe Desrochers Gcdf
Everyone has that one chance to land their dream job and what better way to learn how to than by Dr. Career himself. Learn the best "how to" and making the best first impression.

99 things women wish they knew before...Falling in Love
Brenda Wade & Phd
We all want to fall in love and live happily ever after. It's not impossible, but you have to learn how to do it right.

99 things women wish they knew before...Getting Fit Without Hitting the Gym
Sarah Robichaud
Millions of dollars are spent a year on gym memberships that are wasted because women always want to try to change how they look and believe you need to go to a gym to do it. Well ladies, Sarah is...

99 things you wish you knew before...Marketing on the Internet
Peggy Mccoll
Billions of people are online every single day and have access to all sorts of opportunities. Don't you want your service or project to get noticed? Find out how with New York Times Best Selling...

99 things you wish you knew before...Facing Life's Challenges
Ken Best Dc
Life will always throw you curve balls but if you understand how to cope with them, you'll understand how to face them. Dr. Best will teach you how to re-wire your brain and help you make this your...

99 things you wish you knew before…Making Big in the Media
Steve Kowch
Media darlings! There are thousands of journalists and tv personalities but do you know what it takes to become one? How do you stand above the crowd? Steve Kowch is the media king and he's offering...

99 things you wish you knew before...Going Into Sales
Víctor Antonio
Sales people are the richest people in the world. To become a successful sales person you need to understand how your customer thinks. Do you know the psychology of a consumer? Victor Antonio offers...

99 things you wish you knew before…Stressing Out!
Lauren E Miller942
Stress will kill you. Let's face it, we're all faced. Most of the stress is about things that aren't even in our control. Lauren Miller has survived indescribable tragedy to offer tips and tricks to...

99 things Parents wish they knew before...Having
Pierre & Paul Tellier Md And Chris Fariello Phd Ma Lmft
Teenagers today are exposed to more STD's and peer pressure than ever before. Today's examples of "role" models are slim to none so as parents, we need to know what is going on in order to guide our...

99 things Brides wish they knew before…Planning Their Wedding
Pam Archer
Weddings are supposed to be happy, exciting and full of life and love but what about the months and weeks preparing for them? Pam Archer has been helping brides plan their perfect day for over 30...

99 things Teens wish they knew before...Turning 16
Zach Veach With Lindsey Gobel
Zach is not your typical teenager but yet he is only 16! With a brilliant racing career ahead of him, Zach decided to help other teens stay on track and believe that they too can follow their dreams!

99 things women wish they knew before…Planning For Retirement
Helen Georgaklis
Helen Georgaklis completely lost her life savings because of one bad mistake- blinded by love. Still a hopeless romantic who believes that love is beautiful, Helen wrote this book for the millions of...

99 things you wish you knew before...Losing Fat 4 Life
Brad King & Ms & Mfs
Diets don't work! They are all fads! You need to understand that if you want to lose weight, you need to understand what makes up your weight gain and how to break it down so you lose what you SHOULD...

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