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Libro ebook Real Estate, Sherwin Heyboer
Author: Sherwin Heyboer
Publisher: Charisma House
Language: Inglés
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: 11.51 (11.51)
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Publishing year: 2012
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ISBN: 9781616389512
Real Estate discusses everything you ever wanted to know about income property. Sherwin Heyboer offers practical, fun-to-read advice for anyone interested in the exciting and lucrative field of real estate investment. A middle school teacher takes a look at real estate investment Practical ideas regarding income property with 40 years of analogous stories No gimmicks concise advice for respectable landlords or landlord wannabes This book is one of a kind. I ll bet you ll have more fun reading this book than one of those 500-page books about real estate you know, the book where you get to page 37 and finally give up from boredom or you re lost in way too much gobbledygook. Bonus: A biblical look at wealth. Does God love rich people too?
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