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Libro ebook Quicken 2012 The Official Guide, Bobbi Sandberg
Author: Bobbi Sandberg
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The Only Official Guide to the #1 Personal Finance Software
Manage your finances and assets with ease using the insider tips and expert techniques in Quicken 2012: The Official Guide! Find out the most effective methods for tracking your income, expenses, savings, transactions, investments, and so much more.

Fully endorsed by Intuit, makers of Quicken, this official guide shows you how to tap into all of the software's powerful capabilities and new features--and save time and money. You'll get professional guidance along with details about online resources to assist you in reducing debt, making strategic decisions, and planning for a secure future.

•Customize Quicken for your preferences
•Track income and expenses
•Set up Online Account Services
•Automate transactions and tasks
•Reconcile checking, savings, and credit card accounts
•Take advantage of the budgeting and debt reduction tools
•Track investments and optimize your portfolio
•Monitor assets and loans
•Manage household records
•Save money and plan for retirement
•Simplify tax preparation and maximize deductions

Bobbi Sandberg is a consultant, instructor, and retired CPA who is recognized by Intuit as a Certified Professional Advisor. She teaches at community colleges and local senior centers, and has been training users on Quicken since its first DOS version in the 1980s.

Part One: Learning Quicken Basics
Chapter 1. Getting to Know Quicken
Chapter 2. Computing with Quicken
Chapter 3. Working with Accounts, Categories, and Tags
Part Two: Banking
Chapter 4. Recording Bank and Credit Card Transactions
Chapter 5. Using Online Banking Features
Chapter 6. Automating Transactions and Tasks
Chapter 7. Reconciling Your Accounts
Chapter 8. Examining Your Banking Activity
Part Three: Managing Your Investment Accounts
Chapter 9. Entering Your Investment Transactions
Chapter 10. Using Transaction Download and Research Tools
Chapter 11. Evaluating Your Position
Part Four: Tracking Your Financial Position
Chapter 12. Monitoring Assets and Loans
Chapter 13. Keeping Tabs on Your Net Worth
Part Five: Forecasting Your Financial Future
Chapter 14. Planning for the Future
Chapter 15. Using Financial Calculators
Chapter 16. Reducing Debt and Saving Money
Chapter 17. Planning for Tax Time
Part Six: Appendixes
Appendix A. Managing Quicken Files
Appendix B. Customizing Quicken
Appendix C. Converting from Microsoft Money
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