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Libro ebook QuickBooks 2012 QuickSteps, Thomas Barich
Author: Thomas Barich
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Digital
Categories: Web services
Language: Inglés
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Publishing year: 2011
Pages 195
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ISBN: 9780071775946

This full-color, step-by-step guide to QuickBooks 2012 is the fastest, easiest way to master all the important features of the bestselling small business financial software.

QuickBooks 2012 QuickSteps provides key details for new and beginner users, and shows how to set up and use QuickBooks to run, track, and manage a small business. The full-color screenshots and illustrations make learning easy.

This step-by-step guide is organized into 10 chapters devoted to specific areas of the QuickBooks software. Each chapter opens with a list of included topics so you ll know exactly what will be covered. Notes, Tips, and Cautions alert you to potential pitfalls and simplify product terminology. Numbered steps allow you to follow along. Keyboard and menu shortcuts for each area of the program are also included.

The unique, oblong layout of the QuickSteps series mimics your computer screen, displays graphics and explanations side by side, and lays flat so you can easily refer to the book while working on your computer.

QuickBooks 2012 QuickSteps

  • Covers the latest release of the #1 selling small business accounting software package
  • Highly visual, full-color approach includes screenshots and numbered steps on nearly every page as well as sidebars that provide alternate methods and further explanations
  • Focuses on proven techniques for quickly mastering the software s key features
  • High production quality, breadth of coverage, and low price make the book the best value on the market

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