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Libro ebook Performance Improvement for Healthcare: Leading Change with Lean, Six Sigma, and Constraints Management, Inozu, Bahadir; Chauncey, Dan; Kamataris, Vickie; Mount, Charles; NOVACES, LLC, Bahadir Inozu,, Dan Chauncey,, Vickie Kamataris,, Charles Mount,, LLC NOVACES,
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"If I had to sum up this book in one word, the word would be 'brilliant'! This is one of the most insightful books on TOC, not just for healthcare, that I have ever read."
--BOB SPROULL, author of The Ultimate Improvement Cycle: Maximizing Profits through the Integration of Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints

Performance Improvement for Healthcare: Leading Change with Lean, Six Sigma, and Constraints Management lays out an integrated approach for using three industrially based methods to transform hospital operations in terms of patient outcomes and experience, financial viability, and employee satisfaction. This pioneering guide presents a scalable strategy for managing bottlenecks, eliminating waste, reducing errors, and containing costs in healthcare organizations, as well as sustaining the gains achieved. Real-world case studies illustrate successful performance improvement implementations that have realized breakthrough operational and financial results.


  • Constraints Management applications in healthcare
  • The NOVACES SystemCPI--an integrated performance improvement deployment approach
  • Three-part assessment--strategic gap analysis, system-level value stream analysis, and system constraint analysis
  • Planning a performance improvement program deployment to ensure timely and consistent execution
  • Applying the right tool to the right problem from a system perspective
  • Sustaining gains achieved by the performance improvement team
  • Defining a path to self-sufficiency

Chapter 1. Performance Improvement in Healthcare
Chapter 2. Constraints Management Applications in Healthcare
Chapter 3. An Integrated Approach to Deploying Performance Improvement
Chapter 4. Assessment
Chapter 5. Planning for Deployment
Chapter 6. Application of the Right Tool to the Right Problem
Chapter 7. Sustainment
Appendix. Reliability and Validity of Assessment Measures
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