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This is the only reference currently available that focuses on the treatment of patients living with chronic diseases in poor and minority populations.


Chapter 1: Vulnerable Populations and Health Disparities: An Overview
Kevin Grumbach, MD, Paula Braveman, MD, MPH, Nancy Adler, PhD, and Andrew B. Bindman, MD

Chapter 2: Health Care Disparities: An Overview
Andrew B. Bindman, MD, Kevin Grumbach, MD, and Talmadge E. King Jr., MD

Chapter 3: Financing and Organization of Healthcare for Vulnerable Populations
Virginia W. Huang, MPH, and Christopher B. Forrest, MD, PhD

Chapter 4: Legal Issues in the Care of Underserved Populations
Sara Rosenbaum, JD, and Sara E. Wilensky, JD, MPP

Chapter 5: Principles in the Ethical Care of Underserved Patients
Bernard Lo, MD


Chapter 6: Creating a Context for Effective Intervention in the Clinical Care of Vulnerable Patients
Dean Schillinger, MD, Teresa J. Villela, MD, and George William Saba, PhD

Chapter 7: Promoting Behavior Change
Daniel S. Lessler, MD, MHA, and Christopher Dunn, PhD

Chapter 8: Assessing and Promoting Medical Adherence
Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, PhD, MD, and M. Robin DiMatteo, PhD

Chapter 9: Navigating Cross-Cultural Communication
JudyAnn Bigby, MD

Chapter 10: Improving the Effectiveness of Patient Education: A Focus on Limited Health Literacy
Michael K. Paasche-Orlow, MD, MA, MPH, and Ruth M. Parker MD

Chapter 11: The Home Visit/Mobile Outreach
Dan Wlodarczyk, MD, and Margaret B. Wheeler, MD

Chapter 12: Group Medical Visits for Underserved PopulationsHali Hammer, MD

Chapter 13: Applying Interactive Health Technologies for Vulnerable Populations
John D. Piette, PhD, and Dean Schillinger, MD

Chapter 14: Applying Principles and Practice of Quality Improvement to Better Care for the Underserved
Gordon D. Schiff, MD, and Seijeoung Kim, RN, PhD

Chapter 15: Case Management/Multidisciplinary Care Models
Michelle Schneidermann, MD, and Alicia Fernandez, MD

Chapter 16: Health and the Community
Naomi Wortis, MD, Ellen Beck, MD, and Joanne Donsky, MSW


Chapter 17: Underserved Children: Preventing Chronic Illness and Promoting Health
Patricia Barreto, MD, MPH, Victor H. Perez, MD, MPH, and Neal Halfon, MD, MPH

Chapter 18: Adolescence and its Vulnerabilities
William B. Shore, MD, FAAFP, Margaret A. Scott, RN, MSN, FNP, and Ellen M. Scarr, RNC, MS, FNP, WHNP

Chapter 19: The Family as the Context for Care
George William Saba, PhD, and Teresa J. Villela, MD

Chapter 20: The Hidden Poor: Care of the Elderly
Helen Chen, MD, and C. Seth Landefeld, MD

Chapter 21: Work, Living Environment, and Health
Janet Victoria Diaz, MD, and John R. Balmes, MD

Chapter 22: Care of the Dying Patient
Lavera M. Crawley, MD, MPH

Chapter 23: Clinical Care for Persons with a History of Incarceration
Emily A. Wang, MD, Jacqueline P. Tulsky, MD, and Mary C. White, RN, MPH, PhD

Chapter 24: Care of the Homeless Patient
Margot Kushel, MD, and Sharad Jain, MD

Chapter 25: Immigrant Health Issues
Susana Morales, MD

Chapter 26: Providing Care to Patients Who Speak Limited English
Alice Hm Chen, MD, MPH, and Elizabeth A. Jacobs, MD, MPP

Chapter 27: Sexuality as Vulnerability: The Care of Lesbian and Gay Patients
Anne Rosenthal, MD, and Allison Diamant, MD, MSHS

Chapter 28: The Medical Treatment of Patients with Psychiatric Illness
Douglas R. Price-Hanson, MD

Chapter 29: Women's Health: Reproduction and Beyond in Poor Women
Elizabeth Harleman, MD, and Jody Steinauer, MD, MAS

Chapter 30: Intimate Partner Violence
Leigh Kimberg, MD

Chapter 31: Obesity as a Clinical and Social Problem
Ann Smith Barnes, MD, Marisa Rogers, MD, MPH, and Cam-Tu Tran, MD, MS

Chapter 32: Chronic Pain Management in Vulnerable Populations
Michael B. Potter, MD, Yeva M. Johnson, MD, and Barry D. Zevin, MD

Chapter 33: Principles of Caring for Alcohol and Drug Users
Alexander Y. Walley, MD, and F. Joseph Roll, MD

Chapter 34: Tobacco Use
Clemens Hong, MD, MPH, Suzanne Harris, RN, Paul G. Brunetta, MD, and Neal Benowitz, MD

Chapter 35: Dental Care: The Forgotten Need
Matthew Nealon, DDS, and Francisco Ramos-Gomez, DDS, MS, MPH

Chapter 36: Chronic Disease
Margaret B. Wheeler, MD, Teresa J. Villela, MD, and Thomas S. Bodenheimer, MD

Chapter 37: Disability and Patients with Disabilities
Margot Kushel, MD, and Lisa I. Iezzoni, MD, MSc

Chapter 38: HIV/AIDS: Impact on Vulnerable Populations
Meg D. Newman, MD, and Margaret B. Wheeler, MD

Chapter 39: Care of Ill Socially Complicated Patients in the Hospital
Jeffrey M. Critchfield, MD, and Mark V. Williams, MD, FACP

Chapter 40: Caring for Oneself While Caring for OthersLee Lipsenthal, MD

Chapter 41: Advocacy
Thomas P. O'Toole, MD

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