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Libro ebook Lineman's and Cableman's Handbook 12th Edition, Thomas Shoemaker, James Mack,
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The definitive guide to distribution and transmission line technology--fully updated

Completely revised to reflect the 2012 National   Electrical Safety Code (NESC), The Lineman's and Cableman's Handbook, 12th Edition, provides in-depth information on overhead and underground distribution and transmission lines. The latest OSHA, ANSI, and ASTM standards are emphasized throughout.

This authoritative resource presents basic principles, equipment, standards, and safety regulations, allowing electrical workers to avoid costly errors, diagnose and repair power failures, and ensure optimum safety. A wealth of illustrations and photographs make it easy to understand the material, and self-test questions and exercises help reinforce key concepts.

Comprehensive coverage includes:
Electrical principles and systems * Substations * Circuits * Construction * Wood-pole, aluminum, concrete, fiberglass, and steel structures * Distribution automation * Emergency system restoration * Unloading, hauling, erecting, setting, and guying poles * Insulators, crossarms, and conductor supports * Line conductors * Distribution transformers * Lightning and surge protection * Fuses * Switches, sectionalizers, and reclosers * Voltage regulators * Transmission tower erection * Stringing, sagging, and joining line conductors * Live-line maintenance * Grounding * Street lighting * Underground distribution * Vegetation management * Distribution transformer installation * Electrical drawing symbols * Single-line and schematic diagrams * Voltage regulation * Units of measurement, electrical definitions, electrical formulas, and calculations * Maintenance of transmission and distribution lines * Rope, knots, splices, and gear * Climbing and wood poles * Protective equipment * OSHA 1910.269 * Resuscitation * Pole-top and bucket rescue

Section 1. Elementary Electrical Principles; Section 2. Electric System; Section 3. Substations; Section 4. Transmission Circuits; Section 5. Distribution Circuits; Section 6. Construction Specifications; Section 7. Wood-Pole Structures; Section 8. Aluminum, Concrete, Fiberglass, and Steel Structures; Section 9. Distribution Automation; Section 10. Emergency System Restoration;  Section 11. Unloading, Hauling, Erecting, and Setting Poles; Section 12. Guying Poles; Section 13. Insulators, Crossarms, and Conductor Supports; Section 14. Line Conductors; Section 15. Distribution Transformers; Section 16. Lightning and Surge Protection; Section 17. Fuses; Section 18. Switches, Reclosers, and Sectionalizers; Section 19. Voltage Regulators; Section 20. Transmission Tower Erection; Section 21. Stringing Line Conductors; Section 22. Sagging Line Conductors; Section 23. Joining Line Conductors;Section 24. Live-Line Maintenance with Hot-Line Tools; Section 25. Live-Line Maintenance from Insulated Aerial Platforms; Section 26. Grounding; Section 27. Protective Grounds; Section 28. Street Lighting;  Section 29. Underground System; Section 30. Laying Conduit; Section 31. Manhole Construction; Section 32. Pulling Cable; Section 33. Splicing Cable; Section 34. Underground Distribution; Section 35. Vegetation Management; Section 36. Distribution Transformer Installation; Section 37. Electrical Drawing Symbols; Section 38. Single-Line Diagrams; Section 39. Schematic Diagrams; Section 40. Voltage Regulation; Section 41. Units of Measurement, Electrical Definitions, Electrical Formulas, and Calculations; Section 42. Maintenance of Transmission and Distribution Lines; Section 43. Rope, Knots, Splices, and Gear; Section 44. Climbing Wood Poles; Section 45. Protective Equipment; Section 46. OSHA 1910.269; Section 47.  Resuscitation; Section 48. Heart-Lung Resuscitation; Section 49. Pole-Top and Bucket Rescue; Section 50. Self-Testing Questions and Exercises

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