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Libro ebook Khufu the great pyramid, Francisco De Paula Martínez
Subtitle Was it built this way?
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F O R E W O R D Francisco de Paula was obsessed with the pyramids construction problem until he developed a theory so attractive it is probably the correct one. This is because although it includes a technical side that could give the impression of being involved and difficult to read, on the contrary it guides us as we look into it in such a pleasant, sensible and logical way that on finishing the book we are convinced of how good his theory is and captivated by those Egyptian architects and engineers who 4,500 years ago knew how to create such wonders for the astonishment of today s world, using for their construction in addition to stone, water, logs and ropes the human work-force and… mainly their intelligence and wisdom. The book is very attractively designed, with more than 200 photos and drawings, apart from the sufficient and precise calculations which amply prove the soundness of this theory. This experienced pyramidologist has followed Herodotus story where, in his second book dedicated to Euterpe expressing his conversations with Egyptian priests, he writes:
NTRODUCCTION A fortuitous encounter CHAPTER I Graves and tombs of Pharaonic times CHAPTER II Building great monuments CHAPTER III Egyptian astronomy and the pyramids CHAPTER IV The best surviving pyramids Information on some of the main pyramids A brief description of the pyramids CHAPTER V The incentive for carrying out this studyThe most widespread theories Dimensions of Khufu s pyramid and its components Quantity of blocks Method of the straight ramp onto the pyramid faces The outer surrounding ramp method The internal ramp/gallery method Lifting over the faces of the pyramid CHAPTER VI Was the pyramid built this way? Herodotus described the method The problem of laying the casing blocks CHAPTER VII A pyramid today (The Minikeops Project) BIBLIOGRAPHY
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