Libro ebook Ian and the Pirates, Kurt Frenier
Subtitle The final battle es here
Author: Kurt Frenier
Publisher: Globalebooks
Categories: Fantasy
Language: Inglés
Price in book PDF
: 3.3 (3.3)
PDF with Adobe DRM
Publishing year: 2011
Size: 24 Mb
Copy No
Printing No
ISBN: 9788415263319
High on a clifftop on the coast of Colville stands a lighthouse. Leaning over and completely deserted. Ian, a seventeen-year-old runaway thinks he found in it the perfect hideaway. He could not have been more wrong! The lighthouse holds secrets that have been kept silent for a long time. Ian runs into a bunch of pirates who appear as ghosts at night. He s not allowed to leave Colville before he settles "the final battle between the pirates and the King s vessels.
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