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Libro ebook Electrical Power Systems Quality 3/E, Roger C. Dugan,, Mark F McGranaghan,, Surya Santoso,, Beaty, H. Wayne
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The definitive guide to power quality, updated with expanded coverage of   interruptions and voltage sags

Electrical Power Systems   Quality, Third Edition addresses the causes of power quality problems and explains how to prevent these problems in the clearest and most complete manner. The information is presented without the inclusion of heavy-duty equations, making it easily readable and accessible to utility engineers, industrial plan technicians, and power quality consultants.

Electrical Power Systems Quality, Third Edition features:

New chapter/expanded coverage of interruptions
New chapter/expanded coverage of voltage sags
New section on distribution fault locating
Updated chapters throughout
New and updated illustrations
Comprehensive coverage
Terms and Definitions; Voltage Sags; Interruptions; Transient Overvoltages; Fundamentals of Harmonics; Applied Harmonics; Long-Duration Voltage Variations; Power Quality Benchmarking; Distributed Generation and Power Quality; Wiring and Grounding; Power Quality Monitoring

Ch. 1. Introduction
Ch. 2. Terms and Definitions
Ch. 3. Voltage Sags
Ch. 4. Interruptions
Ch. 5. Transient Overvoltages
Ch. 6. Fundamentals of Harmonics
Ch. 7. Applied Harmonics
Ch. 8. Long-Duration Voltage Variations
Ch. 9. Power Quality Benchmarking
Ch. 10. Distributed Generation and Power Quality
Ch. 11. Wiring and Grounding
Ch. 12. Power Quality Monitoring

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