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Libro ebook Eating & Being. The Gastronomic Roots of Mexico, Nathalie Armella Spitalier, Vicente Camacho Lucario, Paulina Franch Gracia Medrano, Carlos Villanueva Avilez
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Publishing year: 2013
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ISBN: 9786078187355
Pre-Hispanic man accorded food a central place and a vital importance in his culture. Products such as maize, beans, squash, cacao, and chili have their origins in Mesoamerica and form part of the cultural heritage of humanity. This catalogue, published in connection with the exhibition Eating and Being: The Gastronomic Roots of Mexico, seeks to honor the link between foods and the lives of human beings.

MAN, FOOD, AND THE GODS; Chicomecoatl; Tlaloc; The God of Maize; RITES AND OFFERINGS; CROP; CULTIVATION; COMMERCE AND TRADE; FOOD VARIETY; PROCESSING OF FOODS; FOODS AND DISHES IN THE PRE-HISPANIC WORLD; Meals for the Commoners; Meals for the Nobles and Lords; Ceremonial Foods; FOODS AND DEATH; Credits; Bibliography; Acknowledgments; Photography; Acknowledgments 
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