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Libro ebook Deja Review Surgery, 2nd Edition, Amit Tevar
Author: Amit Tevar
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Digital
Categories: Medicine
Categories: Clinical trials
Language: Inglés
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"Flashcards in a book" provide a comprehensive yet concise review for the surgery clerkship

Maximum retention in minimum time!

Drawn from the perspective of residents fresh from their medical school and USMLE experiences, these unique "flashcards in a book" help you remember high-yield facts in the least amount of time possible and focus on what is essential for success on the shelf exam and the USMLE Step 2 CK.

  • Active recall Q&A boils down must-know concepts for clerkship success
  • Clinical vignettes appear at the end of each chapter
  • Mnemonics and key words help you focus on core facts
  • Complements larger course books and works well with other type of review books
  • Convenient 6"x9" size is great for study on the go

The content you need for clerkship success:
Chapter 1. Esophagus;Chapter 2. Stomach;Chapter 3. Small Bowel;Chapter 4. Colon;Chapter 5. Anorectal;Chapter 6. Spleen;Chapter 7. Hernia;Chapter 8. Liver;Chapter 9. Gallbladder;Chapter 10. Pancreas;Chapter 11. Endocrine;Chapter 12. Trauma;Chapter 13. Critical Care;Chapter 14. Burns;Chapter 15. Wound Healing, Skin and Soft Tissue, and Plastic Surgery;Chapter 16. Breast;Chapter 17. Pediatric Surgery;Chapter 18. Vascular Surgery;Chapter 19. Cardiothoracic Surgery;Chapter 20. Transplant;Chapter 21. ENT;Chapter 22. Bariatric Surgery;Chapter 23. Urology;Chapter 24. Neurosurgery;Chapter 25. Orthopedics;Index

Chapter 1. Esophagus; Chapter 2. Stomach; Chapter 3. Small Bowel; Chapter 4. Colon; Chapter 5. Anorectal; Chapter 6. Spleen; Chapter 7. Hernia; Chapter 8. Liver; Chapter 9. Gallbladder; Chapter 10. Pancreas; Chapter 11. Endocrine; Chapter 12. Trauma; Chapter 13. Critical Care; Chapter 14. Burns; Chapter 15. Wound Healing, Skin and Soft Tissue, and Plastic Surgery; Chapter 16. Breast; Chapter 17. Pediatric Surgery; Chapter 18. Vascular Surgery; Chapter 19. Cardiothoracic Surgery; Chapter 20. Transplant; Chapter 21. ENT; Chapter 22. Bariatric Surgery; Chapter 23. Urology; Chapter 24. Neurosurgery; Chapter 25. Orthopedics; Chapter 26. Clinical Vignettes;Index
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