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Up-to-the-minute, thorough, clinical coverage of common and important occupational and environmental diseases, injuries, and exposures

Complete, yet concise, this clinically focused guide offers the definitive overview of common occupational and environmental illnesses, covering their diagnosis and treatment-plus preventive and remedial measures in the workplace and community. With its practical format and emphasis on fundamental topics, CURRENT Occupational and Environmental Medicine is just as essential for students and residents as it is for practicing physicians. You can count on the new fourth edition to deliver the bottom-line answers you need to stay on track in this complex, fast-breaking field.


  • The latest OSHA/NIOSH guidelines for occupational exposure standards
  • Detailed diagnostic checklist for major diseases, injuries, and exposure that help expedite diagnosis and treatment
  • The most clinically relevant perspectives on disability prevention-required reading for the occupational physician
  • Skill-building insights on the importance of ergonomics in the workplace
  • A step-by-step review of how to effectively manage an occupational health and safety program
  • Details on substance abuse and employee assistance programs, health risk analysis, and the legal aspects of occupational and environmental medicine
  • Preventive approaches to terrorist attacks on industry
  • Information-packed primer on epidemiology and biostatistics for the occupational and environmental health specialist
  • Up-to-date references with PMID numbers and peer-reviewed websites


1. The Practice of Occupational Medicine
Joseph LaDou, MS, MD

2. The Occupational Medical History
James E. Cone, MD, MPH, & Joseph LaDou, MS, MD

3. Workers Compensation
Joseph LaDou, MS, MD, & Julietta Rodríguez-Guzmán, MD, SOH, SS

4. Disability Prevention & Management
Gideon Letz, MD, MPH, Jennifer H. Christian, MD, MPH, & Susan N. Tierman, MD

5. Liability Issues in Occupational Medicine
Dan J. Tennenhouse, MD, JD, FCLM


6. Musculoskeletal Injuries
Franklin T. Hoaglund, MD

7. Peripheral Nerve Injuries
Yuen T. So, MD, PhD

8. Eye Injuries
Allan J. Flach, PharmD, MD

9. Facial Injuries
Andrew H. Murr, MD, FACS

10. Hearing Loss
Jacob Johnson, MD, & Scott T. Robinson, MPH, CIH, CSP

11. Injuries Caused by Physical Hazards
Richard Cohen, MD, MPH, & Seichi Horie, MD, MPH, PhD

12. Ergonomics & the Prevention of Occupational Injuries
David M. Rempel, MD, MPH, & Ira L. Janowitz, MPS, PT, CPE


13. Clinical Toxicology
Jon Rosenberg, MD, & Leslie M. Israel, DO, MPH

14. Clinical Immunology
Jeffrey L. Kishiyama, MD

15. Occupational Hematology
Willis H. Navarro, MD, & Hope S. Rugo, MD

16. Occupational Cancer
Hope S. Rugo, MD

17. Occupational Infections
Ken Takahashi, MD, PhD, MPH, & Gary R. Fujimoto, MD

18. Occupational Skin Disorders
Mahbub M.U. Chowdhury, MBChB, FRCP (U.K.), & Howard I. Maibach, MD

19. Upper Respiratory Tract Disorders
Dennis Shusterman, MD, MPH

20. Occupational Lung Diseases
John R. Balmes, MD

21. Cardiovascular Toxicology
Neal L. Benowitz, MD

22. Liver Toxicology
Robert J. Harrison, MD, MPH

23. Renal Toxicology
Rudolph A. Rodriguez, MD, & German T. Hernandez, MD, FASN

24. Neurotoxicology
Yuen T. So, MD, PhD

25. Female Reproductive Toxicology
Gayle C. Windham, MSPH, PhD, & Ana Maria Osorio, MD, MPH

26. Male Reproductive Toxicology
Ana Maria Osorio, MD, MPH, & Gayle C. Windham, MSPH, PhD


27. Metals
Richard Lewis, MD, MPH

28. Chemicals
Robert J. Harrison, MD, MPH

29. Solvents
Jon Rosenberg, MD, & Elizabeth A. Katz, MPH, CIH

30. Gases & Other Airborne Toxicants
Ware G. Kuschner, MD, & Paul D. Blanc, MD, MSPH

31. Pesticides
Michael A. O Malley, MD


32. Occupational Stress
James P. Seward, MD, MPP, & Robert C. Larsen, MD, MPH

33. Substance Abuse & Employee Assistance Programs
Stephen Heidel, MD, MBA

34. Occupational Safety
Franklyn G. Prieskop, MS, MA, CSP

35. Industrial (Occupational) Hygiene
Douglas P. Fowler, PhD, CIH

36. Biological Monitoring
Raymond K. Meister, MD, MPH, & Yuxin Zheng, MD, PhD


37. Environmental Exposures & Controls
Gina M. Solomon, MD, MPH, Joseph LaDou, MS, MD, & Catharina Wesseling, MD, PhD

38. Routine Industrial Emissions, Accidental & Intentional Releases, & Hazardous Waste
Rupali Das, MD, MPH, Melanie A. Marty, PhD, & Marilyn C. Underwood, PhD

39. Outdoor Air Pollution
John R. Balmes, MD

40. Smoking & Occupational Health
Neal L. Benowitz, MD & Fu Hua, MB, MPH, PhD

41. Building-Associated Illness
Michael L. Fischman, MD, MPH

42. Water Pollution
Daniel T. Teitelbaum, MD, & Tushar Kant Joshi, MBBS, MS, MSc

43. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Robert J. Harrison MD, MPH

44. Disease Surveillance Systems
Ana Maria Osorio, MD, MPH, & Peggy Reynolds, PhD, MPH

45. Health Risk Assessment
Michael J. DiBartolomeis, PhD, DABT

Appendix: Biostatistics & Epidemiology
Marc B. Schenker, MD, MPH

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