Libro ebook Countdown to Doomsday, Brandon Rolfe
Author: Brandon Rolfe
Publisher: M-YBooks
Language: Inglés
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ePub with Adobe DRM
Publishing year: 2015
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ISBN: 9781905553037

The UK's entire security network is mounted in an ultimate Red Alert deadline operation to avert cataclysmic disaster on a national scale. Islamic terrorism is poised to deliver its fiercest blow. The wrath of Allah let loose upon infidel Christians will be the mother of all holy chastisements -- in divine retribution for the mass slaughtering of Muslims by the demonic Western imperialists. An almighty and truly divine purging of the infidel worshippers -- that they be righteously smote down and cast into deep damnation to join their Devil. Zealous militants, the Jahidi, are sent forth on a holy mission that will wreak havoc across the country and send foreboding shock waves of the power of Islam throughout the Western world. Allah akbar! (God is great!).In a deathly race against time, MI5 and MI6 have the do or die task of thwarting this horrific doomsday threat -- their effort must succeed -- or it will be their last.

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