Libro ebook Changing Trains, Paul Haywood
Author: Paul Haywood
Publisher: M-YBooks
Language: Inglés
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Publishing year: 2015
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ISBN: 9781909204430

"Changing Trains - a Global Review" by Paul Haywood. Railways are always changing and "Changing Trains" gives a truly "Global Review". The author has always tried to use rail as his preferred mode of travel for work and leisure whenever possible and these are scenes taken by him before, during or after a scheduled train journey over a forty-year period from 1973. This all-colour pictorial features more than two hundred photographs of trains and railways in no fewer than forty-three countries presented alphabetically - from Australia to the USA by way of such diverse countries as Burma, Croatia, Mexico and Taiwan. Each photograph in this 104-page book has an interesting and informative caption which will appeal not only to hardened rail enthusiasts but also to those who simply like travelling by train and wish to know more about railways beyond their own shores.

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