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Libro ebook Build Your Own Electronics Workshop : Everything You Need to Design a Work Space, Use Test Equipment, Build and Troubleshoot Circuits, Thomas Petruzzellis
Subtitle Everything You Need to Design a Work Space, Use Test Equipment, Build and Troubleshoot Circuits
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Publishing year: 2004
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ISBN: 9780071447249
"The Electronics Workbench was created to assist the newcomer to the field of practical electronics through the creation of a personal electronics workbench.  It is a place specially designed so that readers can go there to work on an electronic project, such as testing components, troubleshooting a device, or building a new project. The book includes invaluable information, such as whether to buy or build test equipment, how to solder, how to make circuit boards, how to begin to troubleshoot, how to test components and systems, and how to build your own test equipment, complete with appendix & resources, etc.  This is THE book for anyone entering the field or hobby of electronics."

Chapter 1 The Electronic Workshop
Chapter 2 The Multimeter
Chapter 3 The Oscilloscope
Chapter 4 The Function Generator
Chapter 5 Frequency Counter
Chapter 6 Test Bench Equipment
Chapter 7 Power supplies
Chapter 8 Battery Power
Chapter 9 Electronic Components
Chapter 10 Testing Electronic Components
Chapter 11 Electronic Troubleshooting Techniques
Chapter 12 Workshop Tools
Chapter 13 Soldering
Chapter 14 Circuit Fabrication
Chapter 15 Buying Equipment, Components and Tools
Chapter 16 Building your own Test Equipment
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