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Libro ebook Aztec Women and Goddesses, FCAS- Fundación Cultural Armella Spitalier, Miriam López Hernández
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Aztec Women and Goddesses explores the various stages of the Mexica woman s life. Miriam López analyzes the mythology, the archaeological discoveries, and the codices and sixteenth-century chronicles with perfect ease as she describes the conduct expected of women and the possibilities for their lives according to Mexica norms and ideals. 

AZTEC WOMEN AND GODDESSES. Introduction; 1. Life cycles; 1.1. childhood; 1.2. adolescence; 1.3. adulthood; 1.4. old age; 2. Occupations; 2.1. pipiltin women: nobles; 2.2. macehualtin women: commoners; 2.3. productive labors; 3. Religion; 3.1. goddesses of the ancient mesoamerican tradition; 3.2. goddesses of the aztec-mexica tradition; Conclusion; Glossary; Notes; Bibliography; List of Illustrations; Photograph Credits

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